intérieur bâtiment doucheflux

DoucheFLUX facilitates the reinsertion of destitute people into society, whether or not they are homeless, whether or not their papers are in order, wherever they are from, by providing them with services and organising activities, and/or offering them to join one of the teams of volunteers.

The new building (650m2) which harbours the day-care centre offers showers, a launderette, lockers, basic health care and psychosocial support, wellness services... DoucheFLUX seeks to restore people's energy, dignity and self-esteem, so that they can start rebuilding their own future, by escaping homelessness or avoiding a return to it.

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Theatre lovers and DoucheFLUX supporters!

Come and see Venise sous la neige by La Philantroupe on 21 March 2018: entrance is free, but a hat will be passed around in aid of DoucheFLUX. Tickets must be reserved in advance!