Film Debates


This is not about a film club or a nice pass-time… But about films which stimulate and enrich the debate. Often poignant, sometimes disturbing, always relevant, each subject covers an aspect of the problem of extreme poverty. The discussions are enlivened by the presence of a guest.

Initially, the project took shape in close cooperation with the association that offered to host it. After being hosted for years by L’Entraide de Saint-Gilles/Wederzijds Hulpbetoon Sint-Gillis, the Film Debates now take place at DoucheFLUX, every 3d Thursday of the month.

(Activity mainly in French)

Would you like to contribute to the Film Debate programme? Join the Film Debate team meetings, every Thursday at 14.00 at DoucheFLUX. Contact us for more information.

Screenings take place monthly, every 3d Thursday at 14.00 at DoucheFLUX.


List of film debates

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