DoucheFLUX Magazine seeks to raise public awareness about poverty. It’s not a hotchpotch of sob stories and random news items, it provides real insight into a largely unknown world.

logo_MagazineCo-written by destitute people (discover the authors), DoucheFLUX Magazine has a print run of nearly 2,000 copies and is distributed throughout the Brussels-Capital Region by homeless people themselves. They pay €0.50 per copy and sell them on for €2, quite legally. For many of the magazine vendors, this is one of their main sources of income.

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The latest issue is available on the streets for only €2! Previous issues can be downloaded below.


Latest issue

DoucheFLUX Magazine No 30 – Summer 2019


In this issue, we bring you the amazing story of A., a woman with a degree in economics and social sciences.

In 2006, some undocumented migrants occupied a number of churches, with the support of local people. In the wake of this commotion, a political party asked her to run in the municipality elections, or at least to be listed as candidate. She agreed.

What follows is the story of a long descent into homelessness.

This poignant narrative is both tender and tough. A. shares with us every step in her journey, her plans and her actions, her hopes and her despair.

We hope you enjoy reading it.
Aube Dierckx

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