DoucheFLUX Magazine seeks to raise public awareness about poverty. It’s not a hotchpotch of sob stories and random news items, it provides real insight into a largely unknown world.

logo_MagazineCo-written by destitute people (discover the authors), DoucheFLUX Magazine has a print run of nearly 4,000 copies and is distributed throughout the Brussels-Capital Region by homeless people themselves. They pay €0.50 per copy and sell them on for €2, quite legally. For many of the magazine vendors, this is one of their main sources of income.

Would you like to contribute to DoucheFLUX Magazine? Join the magazine team meetings, every Wednesday at 9.30 at DoucheFLUX.

Would you like to sell the magazine? The pick-up time for sellers is every Thursday from 14.00 to 16.30.

Contact us for more information.

The latest issue is available on the streets for only €2! Previous issues can be downloaded below.


Latest issue

DoucheFLUX Magazine No 28 – Winter 2018


Faites connaissance avec Nicolas
Bruxelles peut mieux faire… mais fait déjà mieux que la Flandre !
Les articles de David Trembla
Le Poème d’Erik
Cela s’est passé fin septembre 2018
Sport sans frontière
Noël et les traditions dans le monde
Injonction n°4 : « Vous n’avez pas le choix, vous devez continuer ! »
La dynamique de groupe
Les dangers des écrans pour les enfants
I need help
Réaction de Philip De Buck, directeur du Clos à L’Îlot ASBL
Lis = Iqraa
Sonnet voor daklozen


Previous issues

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