is an online information desk which will help destitute people in Brussels – whether or not their papers are in order – to find their way through the maze of social services, which many people don’t know exist or don’t know how to access. The information desk will be user-friendly, allowing you to easily find full and up-to-date information about:

  • the essentials: food, health care, a place to sleep, somewhere to live, washing, clothes, laundry, shopping, somewhere to keep your valuables safe;
  • social integration and protection: getting your papers in order, your rights, allowances, work, training;
  • well-being: resting, personal hygiene, relaxation ;
  • personal development: leisure, sport, culture.

Such an ambitious project obviously depends on the cooperation of everyone involved in the fight against poverty in Brussels. will soon be operational! A beta version of the site is currently online, and we need as many people as possible to try it out and send us their feedback. If you would like to help us build this essential tool by sending us your comments and suggestions, please send an email to and we will send you a login and password.

Please send your feedback to

To report errors and bugs, please send a message to


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