Make a donation in kind

Would you like to make a donation in kind? Such donations are most welcome, especially if the donated articles match a real need and end up in the right hands!

DoucheFLUX currently needs:

  • basic items of clothing: men’s and women’s underclothes, either new or in very good condition, socks, plain pullovers, etc.
  • perfume, eau de toilette, moisturising cream, etc., in small containers
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste in small containers
  • shower cream, liquid soap, in large packs; no solid bars of soap
  • shampoo
  • bath towels
  • razors
  • running shoes and clothes (new or in very good condition)
  • books/novels in French or in English for our book box
  • a tall rectangular tent (ideally tall enough for someone to stand upright inside it)

If you have any other articles to donate, we suggest you give them to Solidarité Grands Froids (rue du Danemark/Denemarkenstraat 74, 1060 Brussels), which redistributes them to the associations which need them.

This page is updated regularly according to our needs, so please come back!